Sunday, May 20, 2012

This and That This Week

Margaret has a recent thing for loading up her wrists with hair ties.  This is actually a fairly low-key rendition of her new look:

This picture needs no caption.  That is one cute baby.

We went to the Abilities Expo (aka "Wheelchair"  Expo) again this year.  We made discovered a few helpful resources and found some things that should prove really great for us down the road.  But the bit takeaway for the kids were the horse and pony exhibits.  Joseph is obsessed with horses and we may look into checking out some of the resources available in that area.

While Eric was away at his big annual conference last week we spent one of our rainy mornings playing at Ikea.  Gregory spent awhile lining up stacking toys.

And Margaret washed some dishes in her dream kitchen.

Last night we enjoyed a picnic at the beach. Gregory is now officially a walker and likes to punctuate his steps with sound effects.  At least that way I know if he's sneaking out the back door.

William and Joseph digging for gold.

Margaret in her element.

As the sun was setting we were cold and tired, but the kids still didn't want to leave.