Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No one even tried!

I thought Robyn would at least take a stab in the dark in the hopes of getting some cookies in the mail. I thought Amy might remember that we were planning to look at some family baby pictures over the weekend. Oh well.

All three pictures are of "Grandma Carol" my mother's mother. We were pretty floored at the likeness. We've looked at so many baby pictures trying to find Margaret. For the first few days of her life she bore a startling resemblance to Eric's mom, but that faded quickly. Who knows how Margaret will develop, but Grandma Carol still looks pretty good, so I'm optimistic!

The verdict on Joseph, by the way, is that he strongly favors the Johnston line.

Pictures from our week in New England to come soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

She wasn't switched at birth!

We've had a running joke for awhile: Margaret must have been switched at birth because she doesn't look like anyone in the family. This joke breaks down when we recall that Margaret was born at home and, as far as we know, the midwife didn't have any other babies in those big bags of hers.
We've done a bit of photo research on this trip to New England and we think we've found a likeness!

There will be a prize for anyone who correctly guesses which ancestor of Margaret's is pictured here. Enter your guess by Wednesday. You are not elibigle to win if you were with me when I scanned these pictures.

Friday, July 13, 2007

We're back!

Our move went very well. We had an amazing crew of volunteers and moved most of our furniture via mini-van and pickup truck by lunch time. A few folks stayed behind to help us and we got a lot of unpacking and setting up done by that evening. Three weeks later, we have just one box left to unpack and a few pictures to hang on the walls. We also have to organize all our books--but that's sort of fun.

I'll post a virtual tour as soon as the camera batteries are charged. We'll also send updated address and phone number in the next few days. We only got phone and internet service yesterday, so communication has been a bit tricky.

In the meantime, here are a couple cute pictures from just before the move that I never got a chance to post. Joseph loves to pretend he's a priest. He comes up with some way to pretend he's a priest almost every day (lately, by giving us "Jesus bread" at every opportunity). On this particular day, he built a cross out of some other toy and was processing around the room with it. He built one for Margaret, too. We're still working on the "girls can't be priests" thing. For now, I'm just glad whenever they happily play together.

Then there's this last picture: Margaret grinning impishly because she knows she's not supposed to bite her brother's toes.