Wednesday, January 10, 2007

With parents like this . . .

. . . how did our kids ever get so cute? Even my very talented sister failed to make the Johnston parents seem photogenic, but here we are a few weeks before Christmas. Dont' be deceived by the domestic-looking structure behind us. It's a mere prop. We are still residing in the apartment building next door working as "dorm parents" (officially, Eric is the Residential Life Director) at the American Studies Program. Eric took over official duties in June as I prepared for baby Margaret's arrival. We are about to begin our last semester. In May we finish up and, sometime this summer, we'll move on to . . . well, your guess is as good as ours. We hope that gainful employment for Eric will figure significantly in our future. He hopes to finish up his Ph.D. in May--just a couple of months too late to get a real teaching job. We're looking into options in various cities and we'll put our photo-journalism skills to use keeping you posted as the search progresses.


Poole said...

Dear Eric and Susan,
So happy to hear from you!!! And thank you so much for including us on your mailing list for your new blog. It has been AGES since we saw a photo of Joseph or your family... what a joy!!! We will be praying that all goes well for the finishing the PHD (CONGRATS!) and the job hunt. Wish you could come to MN :-)
We're finally here now, settled in to our first home in Stillwater where Andrew walks to work at Loomes. (Eric, let him know if you need any books or anything...)
Anyway, can you send us your mailing address?
Thanks again and blessings to you all!
In Corde Matris,
Andrew and Mara Poole

Br. James said...

You guys are awesome and are in my regular prayers!!!

Please pray for me too - only 17 more days as a layman...then ordination to the Diaconate!

Miss you guys - I'll be out in May so hope to see you.

Br. James

Robyn said...

Cool! You guys are way cute!