Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back in New York

As I write, Eric is sitting in an interview in Manhattan. He has another one this afternoon. The two jobs are completely different but both seem like good prospects. I optimistically came up Sunday with the kids to begin the apartment hunting process. It's been an exhausting few days. Robyn is hosting us again--twice as much cooking, cleaning and laundry, plus three people sleeping in her living room every night. There are three kids between us so we borrowed a double stroller for the two boys and Margaret has been riding on my back. Monday Robyn and I walked over 120 blocks! Sore feet aside, it's been great to see Bay Ridge in the springtime. We've taken the kids along the waterfront and gotten delicious slices of Brooklyn pizza. I got to Mass one day at our prospective parish and we've hit up a few local coffee establishments to keep us going on too-little sleep.

Robyn has been kind enough to check out apartments with me and we have found a couple good prospects. If the timing works out we might be able to land one of them this week. Otherwise we'll probably have to come back in a couple weeks and look some more. I'm not too worried about finding a good place. In two days we've found two good places despite the fact that several brokers have all but hung up on me when I tell them we need a ground floor unit and my husband is currently job-hunting.

The kids like the city. Joseph love the bridge, the planes, the boats and Margaret is so excited she could just eat her metro card.

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