Wednesday, April 11, 2007


We got this great bathtub free from a neighbor. Joseph thinks its his very own S.S. Bathtub and Margaret has loved it from birth. She can recline it and kick her legs like crazy. I always feel bad taking her out of the bathtub because she has so much fun. Then, last week, in the flurry of preparations for our big Easter party I asked Eric to give her a bath. Margaret doesn't really like any adults except me, but I figured Eric couldn't go wrong offering something as fun as a bath. Wrong. I returned to the apartment to find a shrieking, red-faced baby. We couldn't figure out the problem.

This evening we tried the bath again and I realized what was wrong. She's such a good sitter now that she doesn't want to lie back, but sitting in all that water--that's scary. We played for a bit with the water and after awhile she discovered that she could sit up and SPLASH WITH HER HANDS! Bath time is a whole new adventure. I was afraid she'd drown just in the wall of water she was churning up into her face.

Off to put one nice, clean baby to bed . . .

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