Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The little engineer

Joseph has had two train sets since his second birthday (October). He asks to play with them all the time but they only actually turn into a usable train track when one of the adults in the family has time to play, too. He was always happy to drive the trains around the carpet. I glanced over while folding laundry the other day and saw this little train track, complete with ramps at either end so the cars could get on the track more easily. All by himself!

Joseph's play has definitely reached a new level of imagination--he's also teaching his teddy bear to walk. It's a lot of fun.


Robyn said...

your floor looks so clean.

sorry to be Comment McCommenter, but I had something really profound to say again...I guess I have something profound to say every time....

anyway, nice floor (mull over that for a while, you'll realize how profound it is...)

Susan said...

I have Margaret-the-forager to thank for the clean floor. I vacuum three times a day lately.