Monday, May 7, 2007

She never stops moving!

I know that parents are not supposed to compare their children, but I'd bet that all moms do. It's only natural. Of course, I'm not trying to decide which child I like better or anything--that changes from moment to moment . . .

After such wild success for the first two years, I did think I had the parenting thing pretty well figured out. Then along comes Margaret. She was pretty mellow for the first few months, but now she won't stop moving. I sit her down on the floor and within seconds she's across the room. And she is still only crawling on her belly! What is going to happen when she gets up on all fours? By the time Joseph had her gross motor skills, he was well past the "everything in my mouth" stage. Margaret is still there. She follows the vacuum around the apartment eating everything I don't pick up. She crawls into spaces I can't even see--never mind vacuum--and finds tasty choking hazards galore. I'm amazed she is still alive.

Joseph loves to snuggle. He always has and he still often does. Margaret wants to be held most of the time, too, but only so she can try to escape. Set her down and the fun is gone.

She still sleeps in our bed. As long as she is actually asleep, I have no worries. The second I turn my back on awake Margaret she makes for the edge, pauses, contemplates the three feet to the floor, and dives! I've caught her almost every time so far.

The good news: the wheelchair is finally here, so Joseph will soon be faster than his sister again. Pictures and details to follow . . .

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