Saturday, July 21, 2007

She wasn't switched at birth!

We've had a running joke for awhile: Margaret must have been switched at birth because she doesn't look like anyone in the family. This joke breaks down when we recall that Margaret was born at home and, as far as we know, the midwife didn't have any other babies in those big bags of hers.
We've done a bit of photo research on this trip to New England and we think we've found a likeness!

There will be a prize for anyone who correctly guesses which ancestor of Margaret's is pictured here. Enter your guess by Wednesday. You are not elibigle to win if you were with me when I scanned these pictures.


ginger said...

I, of course, have know idea who the pictures are of, but they definitely look like Maraget!

lorraine said...

My guess is your Mom's brother that died. Not based on anything other than the location of the photos. I agree they definitely look like Margaret.

Susan said...

Gramma you sneaked that in under the wire while I was posting the answer above. Good guess! Maybe I'll consider an honorable mention prize for you!