Monday, September 10, 2007

Under my desk

Is a big basket I use for an "inbox". I toss things in there that need attention and every so often I go through the basket and deal with all the stuff. It usually looks something like this:

Right on top you can see superglue and a box of buttons--not great play things for a little girl. I've recently tossed a quilt into the basket. It's in there because I need to attach loops to it and hang it on the wall, but it also covers up all the other stuff so that Margaret can't get at it.

I've been trying all afternoon to get this little girl to take a nap. She's obviously exhausted but just won't settle down. After my third attempt, I brought her back out here and sat down to write some e-mail. A few minutes later I looked under my desk to see what mischief Margaret was up to and found this:

She tucked in her foot the rest of the way and snuggled down very nicely. I'm pretty sure she would have fallen asleep in there, but I was afraid to let her. I took her to the bedroom thinking, "Surely she's tired now!" Nope. She's still up, causing trouble.

1 comment:

Robyn said...

she must have felt my calming presence through the quilt. ;)