Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Walking Fashionista

Margaret is really into fashion. She adores her shoes and carries them around with her everywhere. She empties the entire dresser looking for something to wear. She can turn anything into a snazzy shawl: shirts, pants, tights, diapers. Just now she pulled out Joseph's hooded cardigan and wanted to put it on. The sweater is a little too big for Joseph, so you can imagine how it looked on Margaret. I grabbed the camera to take a picture for the blog and found that the batteries are dead even though I JUST charged them. Maybe it's time for new batteries.

Then, as if she knew I wouldn't be able to capture the moment on film, Margaret started walking! She's been SO CLOSE for the last couple weeks. She took one real step on her birthday and she's done two or three pivot steps here and there--usually when she gets a book in each hand and wants to get from the bookcase to the futon with them. But today she took several real steps. I think the secret was the too-big cardigan. Since her hands were covered up, I could hold her but she couldn't hold me. I got her started walking and let go and she came the rest of the way. We did it several times and then called for Daddy. Of course she refused to walk for him. As soon as he left I pulled her back to her feet and she took several more excursions without any help at all getting started.

But I can't prove it. The camera is dead. We'll try to get that fixed, but, for now, somebody else believe me!


Robyn said...

I find it much more believable that your daughter has such fashion sense. I mean you and Eric are so cutting edge in your really can't expect anything different with your daughter. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great! It will never stop! Wait until the talk comes like her mom"s

Aunt Maureen

Anonymous said...

Now the fun will start! Joseph rolling one way and Margaret running the other way. You'll need to add track shoes to your wardrobe. Gramma

Beautifully Dunn Photography said...

ALWAYS have a camera ready to shoot at any just makes life more fun :o)

See you in couple weeks, I'll be sure to bring my arsenal of cameras to be sure to catch it!