Monday, December 17, 2007


We have a couple sleeping bags that recently made their way out of the closet in Joseph's room exciting his curiosity. Eric pulled this one out of its stuff sack for Joseph to check out and Joseph immediately named it the "take a nap bag." He loves this sleeping bag and snuggles into it every naptime. He usually tries to persuade me to cinch the face opening so tight that he can't see, but I'm a little nervous about letting his sleep like that for two hours . . .

The naptime ritual is further embellished in that he recently decided he needs some animal friends to nap with him. We have an entire doll cradle full of stuffed animals that the kids heretofore never touched, so I'm glad for the sudden interest. Every naptime I ask Joseph who he wants to sleep with and he always replies, "Ostrich. Pony. Panda Bear." If he isn't tired, which is the case more and more often as he gets older, he still has to have a "rest time" and I hear him on his bed with these three animals making up stories, quoting from stories he's read, and just generally having a good time. Joseph is a kid who needs his down time even when he isn't sleepy.

I love going into Joseph's room after nap when he has slept, though. As soon as I hear talking I open his door and he immediately starts chattering away about his dream (I assume). A couple of days ago I got this:

"Mommy I was just talking to Jesus. I was telling him about a bulldozer. Because I don't have a bulldozer but I need a bulldozer. It should be a red bulldozer."

Got that, Jesus?

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Beautifully Dunn Photography said...

That is just about the cutest picture! Did you get your camera fixed, or is that an old one???

Drive safe up to NH, sounds like they are buried in snow up there.