Sunday, January 27, 2008

Margaret and her Dollies

I made Margaret a doll for Christmas this year. I'm not really all that crafty but I had low expectations. Basically I wanted a stuffed rag doll. I didn't finish it in time to bring it along on our Christmas trip so we saved it for Epiphany. But I confess that I was a little worried that someone else in the family would give her a doll and mine would get relegated to second place. My fears were confirmed Christmas morning when Margaret opened her gift from Grandma Marga. It's a cute little baby doll with blinky eyes. Margaret held it sort of at arm's length, flicked each eyelid, and tossed it aside. Joseph loved it and called it "Mr. Dolly."

My doll met a slightly warmer welcome. It got a hug and lots of dragging around by the hair. As things have settled, both dollies are about equally tied for Margaret's affections. She's doing this weird thing lately where she insists on filling her arms with as many things as she can carry before walking around the apartment. This might explain why our place usually looks like a tornado hit: Margaret is always carrying five things and Margaret is always moving around.

Often her arms are filled with both dollies and a pink-trimmed blanket made by Eric's great-great-grandmother (I think). But mostly we see a lot of this:

Joseph likes to strip the little pajamas off the first dolly and I'm thinking of making a couple more outfits for it. I gave the rag doll loose, wild hair to match Margaret's.

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