Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And We're Back . . .

All you fans of the The Johnston Kids can thank my grandparents. They spent about ten hours in the car on Sunday in order to hand-deliver their "old" camera to us. We met them at my sister's apartment outside Philadelphia and had a lovely visit. The kids love to go visit Aunt Laura and Uncle Paul and, really, what's not to love? Paul is a real fireman and flies a remote-controlled helicopter. Laura showers Margaret with girly clothes. And they have cats.

Joseph, "fishing" for the cats:

Margaret, hanging out in the cat condo:

Laura wasn't around for the cat condo session. We had to cram in all the really fun activities before the social-worker came home. And, actually, I wouldn't let Margaret do that again. I was pretty glad that Paul, the EMT, knew some tricks for getting heads out of holes.

Anyway, we all made it back alive and we are living it up in the beautiful Washington springtime. I'll try to put this snazzy camera to good use making up for lost blogtime.

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