Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Princess

I hoped to get a sweet picture of the children cuddling in their Easter finery but they weren't really in the mood for that sort of thing so you will have to be satisfied with the following sequence of Margaret:

She never stops moving so the pictures are all blurry. She didn't quite understand that she couldn't look through the camera and get her picture taken at the same time.

We went to the Vigil on Saturday night and the children remained awake for every minute of the three-plus hour Mass. We weren't expecting such a long liturgy so we all slept in through Easter Sunday Mass but I dressed up the children again, anyway, and showed them off at the Open House we always go to. But the pre-Vigil pictures are the best. The cute flower clip was out of the hair and lost before we even left the house and we had to put a pink cardigan over the dress before actually going out. The cardigan was pretty cute, but it diminished the princess effect somewhat.

Happy Easter everyone!

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