Monday, April 7, 2008


Joseph has finally gotten the concept of "favorite." People ask him all the time what his favorite of something is and he usually responds with a blank stare or with whatever he's doing at the moment. Today he announced a favorite of something so I asked him for a whole list. Mostly for my own future amusement, here it is:

Tea: Mint
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Color: Purple
Fruit: Oranges and Grapefruits
Vegetable: Tomato (yeah, I know it's really a fruit . . .)
Meat: Lamb
Meal: Oatmeal
Drink: Water
Cookie: Chocolate
Nut: Walnuts
Person: Daddy
Animal: all the animals, but especially jaguars, cheetahs, lions, frogs, and turtles
Place to go: Kennedy Center
Game: Candy Land
Book: Where the Wild Things Are
Song: Zoodle Song (from "Philadelphia Chickens")
Thing to Watch on YouTube: Swedish Chef (from the Muppets)
Instrument: Trumpet
Favorite Relative: Brett (Brett isn't actually related to us but I'm sure he would be honored with this distinction. I recently asked Margaret what her sign for Brett was and she made the same sign she uses for Mommy, Daddy and Joseph, so I guess both kids are confused.)

So there you have it. And here is a picture of the kids being turtles.

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