Sunday, April 5, 2009

This and that . . .

What we do for fun on the fifth of April here in Minnesota:

You might think that building snowmen would be boring after five straight months of winter but the rest of the winter was so cold that the snow would never pack into balls. The kids put this together (with some help, I gather) while I made breakfast this morning. Then they knocked him down. And he'll probably be gone in a day or two. The extended forecast is starting to look up later this week and I'm hoping that we will finally have real spring. It's been sort of fun to note that it is almost always twenty to thirty degrees warmer in the city we're moving to than it is here.

And speaking of moving, I was trying to take some pictures of William's smiles while holding him the other day (those pictures to follow . . .) and accidentally caught this shot into our dining room.

I know I never got around to posting pictures of our house and I wish I had because it really is beautiful. I thought this one really captured it. Our lovely old house with all the built in glass-front cupboards and dark woodwork is one thing I will definitely miss about Minnesota. I think I'm posting this picture more for my benefit :)

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