Thursday, October 22, 2009

More from Joseph . . .

Joseph's tinker toy sculptures are finally starting to take off. When we first got him tinker toys about a year-and-a-half ago he quickly took to making actual objects but on a very small scale. He favored swords and scepters and he's stuck to that scale of things for quite awhile. Margaret has always built big with Tinker Toys but she never makes anything very specific--just "look how many Tinker Toys I can connect all at once" kind of stuff.

The last couple weeks Joseph has gotten more creative. He built a simple wrecking crane, complete with swinging wrecking ball not too long ago. Then yesterday he called me in to see his latest creation. The kids' bedtime story right now is Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and Joseph is completely enthralled with the idea of a dragon boat. He built a boat-like structure out of Tinker Toys and called it Dawn Treader. It even has a really tall mast. I asked him if the round spools sticking off the mast were lookout posts and he said, "No. Those are their kegs of wine." Right.

And in the Shaving Years off My Life Department:

Joseph zoomed through the living room at his usual break-neck speed this afternoon on his way to rest time. I was standing with my back to this scene at the kitchen table and heard a sound. It wasn't loud, exactly, just the sort of sound that makes you turn around saying, "What on earth made that sound?" And it was only after I turned that all the books and shelves fell down. I have no idea why only the middle shelves fell and I am extremely grateful that Margaret had strapped herself into a highchair because she would normally have been on Joseph's heels and would have been right in front of the bookcase when this happened.

After a little examination I think this was partly a matter of coincidence. The shelf supports all look pretty well-worn. But let's look at the bright side. I've always hated that bookcase. And Joseph, after recovering from the shock announced, "Maybe I should have gone a little more slower, Mommy!" Yeah. Maybe.


ldunn24 said...

I'm not so sure of that household of yours..your son is playing with kegs of wine and your children were almost buried under a mountain of books...I see this all the work :o)

Emily said...

I love your posts Susan!! Thanks for the much needed laugh :) Glad no one was hurt....and to see that like all good Catholic children, Joseph has a healthy understanding of the place of alcohol...on a ship. William is getting more and more adorable!! Your boys really get me excited about having a boy...I hope he is just as cute as them:)