Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Poll

I promise that I have a real post coming soon! Part of the delay has been that I was trying to rig up a "two blogs in one" approach so that I could post on the main page about what's up with the kids and in a separate tab on what's up with the house. But I can't do that as easily as I'd hoped.

We love our new house but our list of projects for it is already miles long. That mostly makes me pretty happy and I'm excited to tackle things as we find the time, energy, and money. And I will definitely want to post updates here. I know some of you would like nothing more than to read my endless thoughts on choosing curtains and paint colors. And I know that others of you would rather eat tacks than hear one more person go on and on about home improvement projects.

So, a quick poll. Please take a second to answer via e-mail or by leaving a comment here or on Facebook.

Which of the following statements best describes you?

A. I don't care what you write about! I'll read anything you post!

B. I really just log on for pictures of the kids and I would be very annoyed to open a post about your curtains.

C. As much as I would enjoy reading a dissertation on paint color, it offends my organizational sensibilities to find such things on a blog that is, ostensibly, about your kids. Please start a new blog and send me the address.

Thanks for the feedback!