Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Freewheel is here!

The Freewheel is here! We've actually had it for about ten days now and we are loving it--the entire family. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve; even small adjustments to a wheelchair require a period of readjustment. But on the whole we are all very enthusiastic about this contraption. Joseph used to handle standard city sidewalks with relative ease but now he positively flies down them.

He and Margaret race to Mass every morning now (she on her bike). Joseph doesn't balk and flinch coming down every curb break wondering if he's going to face plant in the street. He's started to experiment getting up and down curbs on his own and, when he's hesitant, we can easily get him up and down large curbs ourselves without stopping to adjust his anti-tip bars and then bump him up and down backwards.

Eric took the kids to the farm last week to pick up our milk and eggs. We've been going to this farm for a couple years and it's always been sort of a bummer because Joseph can't really get around and see much of anything. He's always said he wants to be a farmer and we've sometimes gently pointed out that wheelchairs can't really get around that well in fields. This trip to the farm was completely different. He bumped himself right up into the farm store and then tooled around with the other kids looking at animals. He handled the gravel, he went up and down grassy hills. It was awesome.

We take walks in the neighborhood as much as we can after dinner in the summer. Last night Joseph was able to wheel onto the grass with the other kids and try to catch fireflies. We haven't been to the beach, yet, but we may try that soon. Exciting times.

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