Thursday, January 24, 2013

Face Painting

I'm really not one of those "cool moms" who is always doing nifty, creative things with my kids.  Really.  But once in while I knock it out of the park.

Our parish has a street festival every summer around our patronal feast day (Our Lady of Mt. Carmel).  We usually go two of three nights, at least.  You know, we have to eat our weight in Zeppoles in order to "support the parish".  We buy a few treats and, otherwise, if the kids want to buy stuff they have to use their own money.  They generally blow $6-8 between them on those little "party snappers" that make a loud cracking noise when you throw them in the street.

This year they saw the face-painting booth and really wanted painted faces.  This was about 8:30 at night on our way home and when I saw that the going rate for simple little designs was $5 a pop I promised that I would paint their faces the next day at home and they could have them painted all afternoon AND at the festival.

So I pulled out my makeup stash (including lots of samples--I don't typically wear bright blue on my face!) and went to town.


Anonymous said...

Love it! And of course you must buy the zeppoles to support the parish. I have a niece who was visiting from Minnesota. She had never heard of them, much less had them before we got some from the Mt. Carmel feast one year. After she tasted them, she was in heaven. :)

Susan said...

I know. And the ice cream is all donated so that's 100% profit to the parish. It's a high-calorie week! We're actually going to miss the whole festival this year because of our busy summer. The kids are pretty mad, though swimming and horseback riding are somewhat easing their pain.