Monday, October 20, 2014

The Cutest Walking Baby Ever and a Few Other Notes

I posted this series to Facebook but for those of you not there, I couldn't resist sharing this series.  Catherine has beaten our previous walking record by over three months, taking her first series of confident steps six days before her first birthday.  Eric was out one evening while she toddled repeatedly all over the living room accompanied by the delighted shrieks of her adoring fan club.  

But then she wouldn't show off her new skills for Eric.  Catherine likes her daddy more (way more) than any of our babies since Joseph so we were all surprise at her shyness.  But Saturday afternoon, on the eve of her birthday, we unbuckled her from the little seat we'd used to contain her during patio clean-up and she gleefully toddled over to Eric.  Very sweet.  

I don't know how quickly she'll make progress since every time she take even half a step she is surrounded a by a shrieking horde.  But she's learning to love the attention and has taken to applauding for herself every time she does anything. Look mom!  I emptied this bookshelf again!  (clap, clap, clap).

Our fall school routine is in full swing.  We have a year-round school schedule with one- or two-week breaks after 5-6 weeks of schooling.  It works well and keeps us from getting burned out on our schedule or too crazy from lack of employment.\\

Last week the kids built a volcano with plaster and a mold from a kit Joseph had.  They painted it and erupted it over the course of the week.  

Since my kids tend to use their free time willingly doing many "schooly" things, I don't push them too hard during "real school" time, especially at their ages.  Math is one subject we hit during Table Time each day.  We have lots of math resources on hand and they all use different ones.

Sibling love.  If only it were always like this.  (Yes, Catherine is playing with a whiskey flask in this picture.  Uncle Ben bequeathed it to the children--empty--when he moved back to Minnesota recently.)

Lastly, can anyone resist a Happy Baby in a Swing Picture?  I know that by now I should be used to how fast the kids grow but, truly, it never gets old.  I can't get enough of this sweet baby and I can't believe how fast she is turning into a toddler.

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