Friday, March 23, 2007

Is this my kid?

Those of you who had the pleasure of eating dinner with me as I grew up can probably guess my least favorite food: broccoli. It's true that, on the whole, I was not a green vegetable fan, but broccoli was, by far, the worst, and I try to avoid it to this day. I've been known to voluntarily add green peas to my cooking and I even invented a now-famous dish, Brussels-sprout Pizza (my father-in-law has been avoiding our house since I threatened to make it for him). But I try to avoid cooking broccoli whenever possible.

However, we get weekly deliveries of fresh produce and have little say over what comes in the box. This is our third week in a row of fresh broccoli. Guess who's been eating it all?

Joseph, what do you want for lunch? Broccoli.
Joseph, would you like a snack? I would like some broccoli.
What's for breakfast today, Joseph? Some broccoli!

I've even had to keep our freezer stocked with broccoli in case he eats all the fresh stuff before more arrives in the weekly box.

I guess it could be worse . . .

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