Sunday, March 18, 2007

Margaret's makeover

I give all the haircuts in this family, so I was pretty excited to have a daughter this time--less haircutting! Right? It seems I've been blessed with scraggle-haired children. I first cut Joseph's hair when he was four months old and he's needed a trim almost monthly since then. Margaret has the same fast-growing hair and was beginning to sport a mullet.

Trimming the hair of a five-month old baby is no small feat. Eric tried to keep her both entertained and still while I approached from behind with the sharp haircutting scissors. I've learned a lot about cutting hair over the last four years, but I was a bit concerned about this job. I certainly want her to look like a girl--we get enough people assuming she's a boy already, despite her exclusively fluffy pink wardrobe.

I think we were successful and Margaret seems pleased with the results. The camera probably doesn't show it, but she's beginning to turn blond just like her brother. Once that summer sun hits, we might have another towhead in the family.


Robyn said...

Cutie!!! She looks BeaUTiFuL!!!

Beautifully Dunn Photography said...

She looks just like you in that last picture!!!

Emily said...

I agree - she does look just like you Susan! Too cute :)

Emily said...

I agree - she does look just like you Susan! Too cute :)