Thursday, March 8, 2007

Playing together

Joseph and Margaret adore each other. Every morning they wake up grinning at each other. When Margaret is sad we take her to see Joseph. He is the only one in the family so far who can make Margaret laugh. He always wants to hold her and, so far, he's very happy to share his toys with her.

Things do sour a bit when Margaret grabs the train track and turns it into a dozen track pieces. Or when Joseph decides to "feed" Margaret. I've resumed my vigilant scanning of the environment for potential choking hazards. Then there's the mobile stander and soon-to-be wheelchair. It's a bit hard for a two-year-old to understand that running over his sister is painful.

It is a great joy of parenthood to see them have fun together, though. I won't delude myself into thinking it will always be this way. Certainly my own childhood has plenty of evidence to the contrary: games of GI Joe turning into shouting matches. But we all love each other, now. Right?

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