Monday, March 12, 2007

The quest for order

I think Joseph is inspired by his parents' recent zeal for organizing the apartment and putting things in order. This is his latest thing, too. At Christmastime he'd line up all the Nativity figures along the couch and announce they were "going on a journey." Where" "To Bethlehem." Smart boy. Now he likes to pull down his basket of cars and line them up; first the large vehicles and then the smaller ones. He even knows that this is called a caravan.

Joseph is, in general, eager to help out any way he can these days. Last week I said, "Let's play! What should we do?" Answer: "Clean up!" He sat in Margaret's infant rocking chair for awhile and swept the walls with the large kitchen broom. I'd really been meaning to catch up on my wall sweeping, and now I don't have to! As soon as the wheelchair arrives (any day? next month?) we'll get him folding laundry . . .

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