Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday

Early morning for Eric.  He always lets me sleep in as late as possible.

William and Margaret need food within .09 seconds of waking up.  Fortunately, Margaret is skilled at all sorts of odd morning snacks.  Here:  peanut butter roll-ups.

Joseph was up surprisingly early . . . but still not quite ready to greet the day.

Sometimes I forget that the laptop actually belongs to someone with a real job (and someone whose contract was renewed for another seven years today!!).

He's laughing at the idea that he might take pictures of himself at work.  Are any students reading this?  

The fairy princess waving goodbye to Daddy.

One benefit to getting the baby dressed after Eric leaves is I can dress him in cute Red Sox gear.  It's not so much that I love baseball as that this is a seriously cute t-shirt.

Is this enough hair accessories for a trip to the library, Mom?

Getting ready.

Will I have time to work on the dresser situation today?  Spoiler alert:  no, I will not.

Let's all wear hats!!!  And take out ALL the other accessories while we're at it!!!

Joseph gave us his first pressure sore scare.  Turned out to be minor but he's still on a round of antibiotics.  

Loaded and ready.  

Joseph is at the corner before I've got the gate locked.

Margaret seemed to be content to walk calmly along . . . .

 . . . until she realized how much FASTER it would be to push Joseph while running.

We made it in record time.

Only to find the elevator out of order.

Steepest ramp in Newark.

Our dream house is still for sale--come be my neighbor!

Consolation prize.


He loves croissants.

And I love coffee.

Solitary possession.

Loves to climb.

Finally swinging!  Turns out, Mommy was right, you CAN learn to swing yourself.

Look how strong I am.

My eyes full of dust.  The kids think it's fun to take pictures.

Back home.  Back to work.

Babysitting Joel.   Hanging in the circus tent.

Hardening off the seedlings.  Not feeling optimistic.

These two are good friends.

Best drawing of the day.

William must be napping.

Steamed milk for snack.

This doesn't taste like steamed milk.  I'm not stupid.

Afternoon read aloud.  Today we finished Sarah, Plain and Tall

This is okay, right?

Found out at the last minute that Daddy wouldn't be home for dinner.  And that means bacon.

Squeezing in just a few more minutes of entertaining the neighbors.

"I'm putting the baby to bed.  Please play quietly."

"Take my picture, Mommy!  Don't I look cute  when I'm up two hours past my bedtime?"


Robyn said...

This is GREAT, Q! I didn't know you guys went to the library and playground! I mean…you talk about the library…but still…I couldn't picture it. :)

And ERIC is in there! Dads are always the hardest to capture. ;)

Emily said...

love getting a snap shot of your day!! :) Great post!!

Sarah W. said...

Love these "days". Still amazed at how you do it all! Also love seeing my little guy in there too :)