Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life: Wednesday

I didn't have time to get yesterday's post up last night and I don't have a lot of time right now.  Yesterday was a busy morning with me and the two little boys at the eye doctor.  William is going to need surgery on his tear ducts next month so we were seeing someone about that.  Eric was back home with Joseph and Margaret doing violin lessons and waiting for the wheelchair repair guy to come.  So one set of pictures is from my iPod and the other set was taken by Margaret and I think you'll agree that we got some good shots, all things considered!

We have this same toy.  But it's way cooler at the doctor's.

If it has wheels, it will entertain Gregory for a solid thirty minutes.

Not entirely sure about the weird goggles and big chair.

That was exhausting.

Joseph was not sad or angry when the repair guy was here so I can't explain this face.

Eric does a fair amount of the maintenance himself.

Gregory snuggles on command.  It's awesome.  I'm reading in the picture.  And now I see why the kids always ask my why I'm made when I'm reading.

Margaret took LOTS of random pictures of the house.

And the highlight of her day The Daycare Train.  The kids are fascinated by the long rope with handles that keeps all the kids moving together in a v e r y  s l o w  blob down the sidewalk each day.

Mommy's Home!  And she can parallel park!

The photographer herself.

Skipping ahead to the evening . . . we had a date night at home planned so  I made the kids their own dinner early.  

First harvest!  Spinach and arugula for our salad.

Even cutting the creme brulee recipe into thirds I still got almost four servings.  Yes, we ate them all.  

Candlelight.  Wine.  Conversation.  And then we watched The Iron Lady which I don't recommend.  

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