Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gregory Re-Cap

Really, I promise.  This year, I will be better at blogging.  There is no excuse.  I love to write here, and all the people I'm especially posting for love to read here.  And I love having a digital scrapbook of our family.  

But, about that digital scrapbook . . . I just wanted to throw up a few of my favorite Gregory shots from the last six months.  He turned two last Sunday and I can't believe it.  He is such a sweet little guy.  Still not talking and boy can William get him mad.  But, overall, we all love him to pieces.  

Gregory is what we call our "OCD child."  Which isn't all that funny, I guess, since OCD is a real mental illness which I sincerely hope my son won't suffer from.  But he does like things just so and that can be hard in a full house.  He went through quite a phase last summer of assuming this position at the water dispenser until I'd poured out a sip of water for him (he can reach it himself now!  sniff!).

Then he'd toddle with his cup down the hallway, masterfully navigating that annoying lip between the rooms.

Then he'd sit carefully down in the middle of the floor and drink his water.  And then repeat the process all over again.  And again.  And again.  Maybe I'm glad he's tall enough to reach the water dispenser himself.   (Hansi, if you're reading, we nipped that W-sitting in the bud--don't worry!)

Is there anything cuter than a baby with an umbrella?

Taking in the carousel at one of our summer stops.

This is Gregory.  Unless William's got what he wants, he's all smiles.  And quite a ham.

Checking to be sure the deck railing is up to code.

Where is Gregory?  And why is he so quiet?  Unbeknownst to me, William had opened my hot-pink nail polish and painted his own toenails while, ahem, taking care of some other business in the bathroom.  He then wandered off to naptime, leaving the open nail polish on the bathroom floor.  Gregory emptied it all over his legs, the floor, the tub.  Really, everywhere.  And it was my favorite color.

Killing me with cuteness.  I came back to our van during a road trip pit stop to see Gregory just, you know, all casual, checking out the semis barreling down I-90.  Eric had taken a whole slew of these.  He'd look first one way, then the other.  Uncross his legs and recross them the other way.  He still does this sometimes.

One of our most fun days all summer and I'll post more fully about it in a bit.

Sweet little guy.  Here's hoping the twos aren't so terrible!

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