Sunday, January 20, 2013

William Re-Cap

And just a quick rundown of some favorite William pictures from the past half-year.  William remains our intense child.  Very, very intense.  This one is a full-time job.  Fortunately, he tempers it with a beautiful desire to be good and do right.  It's difficult, sometimes, to be patient with him but our patience is generally rewarded.  Eric and I tend to "trade-off" and when I am at the end of my rope you can usually find Daddy and Willy doing something like this:
(in their pajamas still--six months later and William still likes to start his morning with a story and Busy Town is still a popular choice)

Cooling off on a hot summer day.

More cuteness with the umbrella.

And Busy Town at the end of the day.

William has yet to outgrow his love for creative ensembles.

I can't actually remember if he loved or hated being up in this tree.

The curls!  Love them.

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ginger said...

Your William is my Sijmon. SO full time and SO exhausting. Sijmon just turned three and we haven't exactly turned a corner, but I do feel like we're approaching a corner...maybe...hopefully?